Obama's Favorite Hawaiian Food

President Obama ate some his favorite Hawaiian food while vacationing in his home state of Hawaii, “Spam Musubi”, is always a must have snack.  “Hawaiian plate lunch”, a favorite any time of day, any choice of main entrees, 2 scoop of rice and macaroni salad.  And of courses, for a sunny tropical day there is no better way to cool off than with nice refreshing cone of “Shave Ice”.  “To understand Obama, you have to understand Hawaii” as Michelle Obama says of her husband.  

Like anyone else who grew up in the Hawaiian Islands you just know the craving for these local delicacies will lead them back to places where they can find the best of each Hawaiian food.  Returning to the islands after a long absents it is not the fragrance of the tropical flower leis, it’s the aroma of delicious Hawaiian food that always brings back the best of memories. Oh yeah, I am home again! 


  1. E.L. Mahon says:


    This is too cool. I know exactly what you say. Nothin better than talkin story over some great Hawiian food and beer.

  2. hawaiianfoodrecipe says:

    lol, it sounds like you are a long lost island boy! If you are or not, I always say,” You can take the island boy away from Hawaii but you can never take away his love for Hawaiian food ! “

  3. Bill Fisher says:

    I am suprised he did not mention my favorite breakfast (after Malasads of course) Loco Moco with a side of macaroni salad…..MMMMMMMMM!

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